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A bit of History…

“Harfield Harriers all began at a post Two Oceans 1999 braai, at Mike de Villiers home (and our first Clubhouse in the early days). I had attempted to run 2, Two Oceans and had not completed either.

I was looking for support and runners to run with to motivate me. On leaving RAC in Joburg, I had not found a running home in Cape Town. So after a few glasses of wine and a desire to run at least 1, Two Oceans, I thought… Why not start a new club (as one does). A club based on friendship and support.

Small enough to know everyone who joins and to welcome new faces that step into our circle. So I found a piece of paper and I got those that felt the same, to write down their commitment to Harfield Harriers and running Two Oceans in 2000 and that is where it all began.

Andy (Windows) Freemantle wrote our Constitution and was the Vice Chair beside me for many years in the early day. It was his awesome Constitution that impressed the WPA Committee and Harfield Harriers was official! His spirit lives on and is entrenched in HaHa history.

Our very own colours and kit were designed by Michael Bryon and his secretary at the time.

Two Oceans 2000 was our first goal and Oudtshoorn Marathon our qualifier. Then it was off to Comrades 2000. My dream had become a reality.

Road Running, Races and Time Trials were our beginnings and Trail Running has since filled our souls.

The Winter Time Trial series and running for a T Shirt was the brain child of Dave Pote. It is one of the highlights of our year! Even through COVID.

Our Winter Time Trial Series is dedicated to Derek Oehley - another HaHa gone too soon, but whose spirit runs on.

Adam Kane Smith and Will Bolus asked if we would be keen to take over The Milkwood Race from New Balance. I wasn’t too keen, but we agreed that they would take control and run with it and see how it went.

In a very short space of time we had a new route and race and it has been an awesome event staged by our club for years. It creates a wonderful opportunity for us to give back to the Road Running Community and do our bit and also provides time for us to bond as a club and get to know our fellow members better. Legendary parties have happened at Soetwater!

Since those days it has grown and become so big and way too much for a small club to manage, as Graeme Trautmann experienced, so we have Rich Sutton managing it for us now.

Harfield Harriers means different things to different people, but I hope that at the core we remain a safe, warm place to come to and run and share a drink and a dance with friends - no pressure, no criticism, just acceptance and love of each other, life and the good in it!

— Jenni Rowe, founder

Our 25 founder members:

Jenni Rowe ● Graham Rowe ● Lucy Laing ● Andy Freemantle ● Ursula Van der Westhuizen ● Lyndall Dugdale ● Gillian Rynkiewicz ● Minko Rynkiewicz ● Rob Laing ● Deirbhle Mannion ● Graham Dugdale ● Peter Hilditch ● Andrew Ing ● Mike De Villiers ● Chris Turner ● Julie Young ● Michael Byron ● Gavin Wood ● Nick Rockey ● Bronwen Bartmann ● Carron Pond ● Nick Walker ● Tjaart van der Walt ● Graham Goble ● Jenni Saunders

Inaugural club committee as elected on 28 August 1999:

  • Jenni Rowe - Chairlady

  • Andy Freemantle - Vice Chair

  • Gillian Rynkiewicz - Treasurer

  • Ursula Van der Westhuizen - Secretary

  • Graham Rowe - Club Coach

  • Lucy Laing - Athletic Events

  • Deirbhle Mannion - Club Records

  • Lyndall Sherwood - Social

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